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Buying your first Investment property - Thursday 26th May

If you're looking to buy your first investment property, Leon & Greg will take you through our tips and tricks to getting ready to buy. Whether it is now, in 6 months or in a year or so, this is a great starting point of how things need to be presented to the banks, what to focus on and the process of buying your first investment property.  

What comes next?

Join our My Mortgage adviser team as they host a series of monthly webinars this year, from CCCFA and budgeting to new builds, navigating buying first homes, making the most of your investment lending, and more.

We will look deeper into these topics, in our usual fun, informative and easy to understand way. Bring your questions and take some notes!

And if there's something you have a burning desire to learn more about - get in touch with us! We're always looking to answer your questions first and foremost and make sure you're armed with all the information for home lending success.

We will go through some of the following;

  • May - Investment properties - some of our tips and tricks to be successful in the current market
  • June - Updates to the First Home Loan and First Home Grant programmes

If you are interested in further information through this platform - sign up or get in touch directly and we can keep you in the loop! 

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