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We know that might have been a bit of a slog to provide all that information for us but it means we can now go to the lenders we think fit best and see what we are able to get for you to move towards your property goals. 

This next step can take anywhere from 5 to 10 working days and we'll be in touch as soon as we have anything from the lenders or need any more information from you. Please get in touch with Adam, Claire or Greg if you need anything from us or have any questions over the next few days.

From the My Mortgage Blog

Changes to First Home Loan and First Home Grant

Some great news today for people looking to buy their first home. In the 2022 budget, the government announced some large changes to their First Home Loan and First Home Grant programme. The mainRead more

The Bank of Mum & Dad!

News broke earlier in the week that revealed New Zealand has a new a bank on the scene! A bank you may not have heard of before and one bigger than Kiwibank and TSB combined – Yep, it’s ‘The BRead more

Should I accept new home loan interest rates through my online banking?

If you have a fixed rate expiring in the next 6 to 8 weeks, your bank should have provided you with rates in your internet banking. These are the best rates that are available and we’re happyRead more

Why does the bank want me to lower my Credit Card limit & close my buy now pay later?

Ever wondered why the bank is asking you to lower your credit card limit and close your buy now, pay later schemes (BNPL), such as Afterpay and Laybuy? Check out Greg’s video below, or read on forRead more

Case Study - Top up decline turned around

In the video below, Greg explains a client example where: Client went directly to the bank to get a $25K top up for some family travelClient can access their KiwiSaver in 4 years so wants to pay off Read more

Is this the worst mortgage advisors car in NZ?

So this is Greg's 2008 Suzuki SX4. Pretty awful aye!!  We're often giving Greg stick about it and telling him to buy something new but then it struck us. Why does it matter and Greg might have a reaRead more

Case Study - When getting great advice means more options

In the video below, Greg outlines a case study were some first home buyer clients:  Initially went to another mortgage advisor and were told they didn't have a large enough depositThey were thenRead more

Property Valuations - Why do I need one and what are they?

Determining the value of a property can be a fairly difficult calculation as there is a lot to take into consideration. The type of property, quality of the dwelling on the property, recent sales andRead more

Budgeting and planning for your new home loan

There aren't many people in the world who LOVE to budget and stick to it but those who do generally find themselves in a good spot to get to where they want to go financially (whatever that means toRead more

Private Sale Series - Buying Someone Out

Unfortunately, this scenario usually involves the ending of a relationship of some kind - it can be a hard one to talk about but these things do happen and it can get messy if things aren’t handledRead more

Private Sale Series - Buying Into a Property

Another common one we see is people looking to buy into a property belonging to someone else - usually a friend, partner or spouse.  Let’s say Sally has a property she’s owned by herself for thRead more

Private Sale Series - Buying From Family

This is becoming really common as house prices continue to climb. The situation is usually that Mum and Dad or another family member (grandparent, etc) might have a property that they will sell toRead more