Home Loan Application Form

How long will this take?

We want simplicity for you to get a loan & that goes for the application form as well. The lenders do need enough information to make sure they can lend you what you need. This form will take a little bit of time to complete (10 - 15 mins) & you will be asked for documentation that we need to supply the lender. The more you can supply, the quicker the My Mortgage team can get an application done for you.

What information will I need?

These documents must include:

  • Three recent payslips for all borrowers
  • Statement for Hire Purchase/Personal Loan/Store Cards/Afterpay – Only where applicable
  • Copy of ID – Passport photo page or front/back of Drivers Licence
  • Three months everyday account statements (required for every account income is paid to and/or living expenses paid out of)
  • Three months savings account statements (if applicable)
  • If any of the below are applicable to you, please include:

    • Confirmation of Kiwisaver balance – A screenshot or statement is fine (For first home buyers)
    • Confirmation of Home Start Grant – you can complete online using this link which has all the info
    • 2 year’s IRD Tax Summaries – These can be downloaded from the IRD website (If you work regular overtime the bank will require these to use your real earnings)
    • Gift Letter – Contact us for template if you are being gifted funds
    • Financial Accounts for your Business – we are happy to contact your accountant to get these
    • Statement for existing home loan accounts showing current balances
    • Insurance Policy Schedule - how much you pay for insurances
    • Anything else you think may be applicable