We need new
birthday cards!

For all of our clients, we send out a birthday card with a little something special in it every year as their birthday rolls around.

Well, we want a new birthday card design.

We want any small people you have around to give it a crack to design the new My Mortgage birthdays cards and the winner will go into the draw for a $50 PaperPlus voucher to buy all the books, art supplies or other great PaperPlus gear of their choice.

We will choose the best designs that we feel get the excitement and fun that My Mortgage shares when our clients get into their properties. We want to celebrate with them on their birthdays too! Let your imagination go crazy and give us the best darn Birthday card anyone could ever want. 

It could be:
  • a landscape
  • a birthday cake
  • a unicorn
  • a house
  • a rainbow
  • a party
  • or all of the above in one delightful, happy picture.

Current Card Designs

Two options to enter

  1. Grab a piece of paper and create!
    We know printers are not as available without parents being at work so grab a piece of A4 paper from home, get creative and then take a photo and send it through to office@mymortgage.co.nz. Easy
  2. Download our template
    Some people like structure, we get it! You can download a My Mortgage card design competition template, print it out, get create and then take a photo and email it back to office@mymortgage.co.nz. Easy as well.