If you'd like to keep tabs on our experience with lending in Matamata and specific things happening with the property market there then check our our website below.

Matamata Mortgage Broker

Hi! I’m Adam Thompson from My Mortgage and I run a business locally in Matamata operating as a Mortgage Broker.

I’ve been aMortgage Broker now for 8 years and I own property in Matamata so understandthe market locally and really like dealing with people in Matamata.

What I dois arrange home loans and I get people many different options not just thecurrent bank but a range of different lenders in New Zealand. I take care ofarranging the finance for people buying houses and my services are completelyfree of charge. In addition to that, I am happy to give people advice onachieving their goals in home ownership or if they’re just looking to reducedebt, I’m here to help.

If people want to save money on their existing loan,if they don’t think their bank is giving them the best deal, or just want toseek a second opinion I can help there too.

I can also take care of refixingloans, if you've had had fixed term expire and are not really sure what youshould do now and what the best deal in the market and a structure that is going to work for them, I’m here and can help.

So you can call me on0800-MYMORTGAGE.

Visit our website at www.mymortgage.co.nzand just click the contact details on top of the page or send me an email  adam@mymortgage.co.nzand I will receive that personally because that’s the kind of service we offer, youdeal with me and you don’t have to dial 0800 and talk to a call centre. Speak to you soon!

Adam Thompson