Come and work with us!

We're looking to hire someone as a Administration and Processing Manager here at My Mortgage.

We're committed to providing a "casual but very competent" service to our clients and we need a "Superstar behind the scenes" to take care of submitting loan application and liaising with lenders and other professionals to ensure we can deliver our service as efficiently as possible.

Check out the video and see below for more detail on the role, what skills you'll need to be successful and how to apply
About the Company

We give Mortgage Advice and arrange Home Loans for clients all over the Waikato.

I (Adam) have been a Mortgage Adviser for over ten years and I started My Mortgage in 2011 because I wanted to challenge the traditional way Home Loans were obtained and how that advice was given. Claire came on board in 2015 following an OE and previous experience in Sports Management, Accounting and Retail.

We're really passionate about giving genuine, straight up, advice on Mortgages and helping people to achieve their goals... whether that's getting in to their first home, building an investment porfolio or wanting to save money and pay off their lending as quick as possible.

Adam and Claire are partners in the business and we love what we do. We're busy spending our time working with our clients giving advice on home loans... that's where you come in!

About the position

This position would suit someone who is capable in a Senior Administration role. You will be working with the owners of the business behind the scenes to ensure our service is delivered as smoothly as possible.

Here's what you'll be doing day to day...

  • Preparing loan applications to submit to banks using our specialist system
  • Confirming details of lending with banks and ordering loan documentation to lawyers
  • Working with Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Property Valuers and Accountants to get information for loan applications
  • Managing the current workflow in the business to ensure all deadlines are going to be met
  • Working with Adam and Claire to understand details of applications and future workflow
  • Working with our other part time staff to ensure the most efficient process is in place to complete work
  • Following up with lenders to make sure their turnaround time commitments are met
  • Answering questions from banks in regard to our clients' applications
  • Finding ways to ensure our company systems are ever improving and you are making the most of your time at work
  • Making sure that Adam and Claire's time is free to focus on working with their clients, rather than administration

What skills will you need?

We will provide full training on our systems and processes so previous experience in the banking or financial sector is not a requirement. However to be successful you are going to need to excel at the skills below

  • Be a process and systems person - We thrive on talking through situations with our clients and we need someone who wants to do the computer/processing work to compliment our skills
  • Efficiency and accuracy of work output - You'll need to be able to move through simple tasks quickly and accurately
  • Ability to manage and numerous workstreams - we may have 50 or 60 clients at various stages at any one time and you will need to ensure all are on target to meet deadlines
  • Communicate strongly - be constantly asking questions of banks and relaying updates on progress to Adam and Claire
  • Not be flustered when things don't go to plan - Occasionally things don't work out how they should but you'll need to think on your feet and deal with any problems immediately
  • Common sense - We're dealing with real people and real situations, often things will come up where you'll have to find a logical solution to ensure the most efficient turnaround so an ability to learn from experiences and use Google certainly help
  • Work to timeframes - Most of our timeframes are fixed for us, you'll need to appreciate this and work toward achieving the results in the required time
  • Keen to continue learning and improving your skills all the time - we do and we'd love you to do this too
  • Be willing to help drive the company forward - we're not just someone to push buttons, we want someone on our team long term who can work with us to improve the company's success
  • Enjoy making a difference - we have some great success stories on a regular basis and you'll get great job satisfaction if you enjoy being a part of that!

What we'll offer you

We've got a great little team and we aim to make our office the sort of place that you makes you want to come to work each day. At times you'll need to work hard but you'll also get good opportunities to celebrate success often.

Flexible working hours to fit your lifestyle. We know you're a real person and will have family responsibilities or things you're passionate about so if we can tailor your working week around those things whilst still allowing you to complete your role efficiently then we'd love to make that happen.

A competitive salary package will be offered reflective of what is a Senior Administration role. There will be a bonus structure in place and opportunity for future involvement in the business for the right person.

What next?

To help you understand some of the tasks which you'll be doing and for us to see your approach to this we've included two trial task sheets which you can download on the right hand side of this page.

Please complete these and send along with your CV and a Cover Letter (please don't send us your generic cover letter you use for every application...) to

How will the application process work?

  1. You'll complete the above task and send with CV and Cover letter to
  2. Adam or Claire will be in touch to acknowledge your application and ask any immediate questions to clarify your suitability for the role
  3. Our top 6 or so candidates will have an initial interview with Adam or Claire and our third party hiring expert.
  4. The top 3 candidates will have a second interview with both partners, in more detail
  5. These candidates then may have a work trial in office to ensure that the role is a good fit for them and they are a good fit with the company
  6. The successful applicant will be offered the role and we'll drink wine to celebrate