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If you're looking to purchase a new home or would like to know what options you have for your next move, then we, as mortgage advisors can help make the process a lot easier for you.

We strive to provide the best Options, Service and Advice on home loans without using overly technical jargon or trying to cloud your judgment with gimmicks like a lot of the banks do... have a read of some of our blogs below to see what we mean.

We're here to work for you - & to have fun and enjoy doing it!

About the My Mortgage team

Want to get started with an application?

If you have a property you are wanting to purchase or want to get a pre approval so that you know what you can buy for, you can apply online and one of our advisers will be in touch and we'll get started on an application.

First Home Buyer Mortgages

Buying your first home can be a really exciting experience & one that is very enjoyable. The My Mortgage team love working with first home buyers to help them get on the property ladder. Whether you are buying by yourself, with your partner or with others in your family to get your first property, the My Mortgage mortgage advisors will walk you through the process to make sure you know and understand what you need to but without swamping you with the details. We take care of all that. Using your KiwiSaver? Great. Are you eligible for First Home Loan & Grant? We can help with that too. 

Sell & Buy with Ease

Whether you are upsizing, moving for work, downsizing, or just wanting a change, My Mortgage can walk you through the selling and buying process. Just carrying on with the same bank you're with currently might not be best for your situation. My Mortgage work with you to understand your current situation and what you want to achieve to make sure you can do what you want to do and get the property you want. 

Pay your mortgage off faster

Taking on a mortgage can be a big deal as you are responsible for a large amount of debt, so ideally you want to pay that home loan off as quickly as possible. The My Mortgage team can work with you to restructure and budget to help you pay your mortgage off as quickly as possible, without needing to eat noodles every night (although you can if you want!). If you need advice on paying off lump sums, using revolving credits, or increasing your regular payments, we can give that advice and help you put whatever is needed in your mortgage to achieve that. 

Investment Properties

Property has been, and will continue to be a great investment in New Zealand. The My Mortgage team are property investors themselves so they know the ins and outs of borrowing money to fund your first, second or 10th investment property. My Mortgage works with you to make sure the structure of your loans work towards what you are trying to achieve and know how the banks best like to see things managed. 

Building or Renovating

The difference between small minor home improvements and building a brand new, dream home are substantial and so they shouldn't be treated the same. If you are needing to borrow some money to do that extension or finish off that landscaping, we can help you with that. If it's to move that transportable for your home away from home, we can support you there. If it's to build your dream home for you and your loved ones to grow together in, we love doing that too. Whatever the reasons and however big or small, My Mortgage wants to help get you the best renovation & construction mortgage for your situation. Contact one of our mortgage advisors today. 

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ANZ Blueprint to Build Version 2.0 2023

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