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Te Awamutu Mortgage Broker

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My Mortgage - Your Te Awamutu Mortgage Brokers

Hi! Adam, Claire, Amber, and Greg here from My Mortgage. 

In this video, we just want to tell you a little bit about us and how we can help you with our services as Te Awamutu Mortgage Brokers.

What we do as Mortgage Brokers is to arrange the best deal through a number of different lenders and do the legwork, basically chasing around the different banks to find the very best deal possible for you. 

Our service is free and has no hidden charges, the banks pay us in the same way they remunerate their staff when they bring business into the bank. So you are assured you get independent advice from a specialist.

We have combined 15 years’ of experience as Mortgage Brokers so you know that we can get the very best deal. We will also be here in the long run.  As part of our service, we offer to review your home loan as you go forward with your fixed rates. 

So if you’d like to talk to us, whether you’re ready to go now or you’d like help in setting a better plan for what you want in the future, get in touch and we can come to meet and discuss.


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