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My Mortgage services - providing a free advice on & arranging Home Loans

Arranging a Home Loan to purchase a new property

This is the primary service that we offer.  

As Mortgage Brokers we take care of the whole home loan process as below...

  • Giving advice on the best options
  • Getting a pre approval in place for you if required
  • Arranging loan offers from the best home loan providers (mostly major banks)
  • Negotiating the best interest rates 
  • Negotiating the best "cash back" offers
  • Recommending the best loan structure for you
  • Liaising with your Real Estate Agent/Lawyer/Valuer etc to ensure a smooth process
  • Regular reviews to ensure you have the best Home Loan and Structure possible

Refinancing or Changing Banks

If your current bank isn't offering you a competitive deal or just isn't showing you the love anymore then we can help. There is no reason for you to pay more than you have to or put up with poor service.

We can assess a number of options find you to find the best deal and best bank for you.

Reviewing & Re-fixing your loan

If your fixed loan is about to expire or you would just like some advice on how your loan is structured and how it fits your long term goals then we can help.

From some simple advice to a full review and arranging the re-fix of your home loan, we can do it all free of charge.

Budget advice and planning

If you want to make a plan to save toward a new home or simply review your current budget to pay your home loan off fast then we can help. 

We have a number of tools which we can use to help make a clear budget and set some goals for you to work towards.

If I get in touch, what happens next?

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when it comes to reaching out about getting a home loan, but if you've never used a mortgage advisor before or you aren't sure of what we're going to ask initially, we want to put you at ease. My Mortgage services a lot of clients in lots of different ages and stages of property ownership. We're here to help.

This video explains the "What's next" question and aims to make this a stress free, get to know you type of process. 

What's the My Mortgage process look like though?

Buying a new home is both exciting and can be stressful so we want to take the stress out of getting finance sorted for you. My Mortgage service their clients every day going through this process and so can walk you through what happens, when it hap[pens, and how you can be prepared for the next steps. 

Claire explains the process for you and talks through how My Mortgage can help.

Book a time with an expert

For My Mortgage, home loans are all about people and stories, not numbers and dollars. By booking a time to speak with one of our expert team, we can give you free advice, guidance & what we think will be right for you as well as explain our mortgage repayment calculators. We can connect in person, via phone, online or email. 

Whatever works best for you. 


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