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Mortgage Repayment Calculator

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Want to chat to an advisor about repayments?

Deciding what to do around mortgage repayments and what interest rates to choose can be a little overwhelming so if you want to speak to an expert about that, touch base with the My Mortgage team and we can discuss your situation and what is best. 

Savings from Break Fees

We've created a break fee calculator which can be used for working out the approximate viability of breaking your existing home loan and re-fixing.

Interest Only Calculator

Interest-only repayments are an option for investment property. Find out what your repayments would be on interest-only mortgage repayment calculators.

Investment Property Purchase

What could you borrow to buy an investment property with the equity you have in your current property? This calculator can work it out for you.

Get started with an application?

If you have a property in mind already or are wanting to get an application underway for a pre approval, you can start an online application.

Book a time with an expert

For My Mortgage, home loans are all about people and stories, not numbers and dollars. By booking a time to speak with one of our expert team, we can give you free advice, guidance & what we think will be right for you as well as explain our mortgage repayment calculators. We can connect in person, via phone, online or email. 

Whatever works best for you. 


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