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Getting ahead by purchasing an investment property

Buying an investment property can be one of the best uses when you have the opportunity and with the rental income it can generate and long term capital gains, you are able to build for the future. The My Mortgage team are investors themselves as well as helping hundreds of people to buy their first, second or 10th investment property.

Helpful Investor Videos

Buying your first rental

When it comes to buying your first rental, there are lots of things to consider. Claire breaks down some of the key finance questions for you.

LVR Restrictions dropped

The Loan to Value Ratio restrictions imposed on banks have been dropped for investors, but what does that mean right now? Adam explains.

Splitting lending across banks

There are a few reasons that splitting your lending, as an investor, across multiple lenders is a good idea. Adam explains why and when it might suit.

Hear from an investor

Hayley is a long time client of My Mortgage and has a wide variety of properties in her portfolio and projects going on. Hear about her experience in dealing with the My Mortgage team.

Contact the team about investment property plans

Buying an investment property can be a really great way to get ahead, assuming you make the right purchase and your lending in structured well. The My Mortgage team have years of investment experience personally and helping others. 

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Thanks for contacting the My Mortgage team about buying an investment property. One of the team will be in touch really soon.

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