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The 12 part Home Buying Process series

What comes next?

After you've completed this form, you'll be taken to see all of the videos in the series and learn about the entire home buying process!

We’ll also then get in touch with you via your inbox or a quick call to talk about your situation so we can make a plan together

The questions we’ll be asking are around the following;

  • What purchase price you’re aiming for and in what location
  • Approximate deposit amount including KiwiSaver/Savings/Gifting, etc and how much of each
  • Details of any existing debt or anything you’re paying off
  • Approximate income for you and anyone who will be buying the house with you

From there we can take the next step to get you pre-approved, set budgets, give advice and get you ready to buy your first home!

Fill out this form and get access to our FREE video series

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We're running a live Webinar just for First Home Buyers in November!

Make sure you check the box if you're keen to join in - we'll have our First Home Buyer experts and plenty of time for you to ask questions. There will also be an opportunity to receive a recording of the webinar if you can't make the time on the night.


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