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First Webinar 11th February 2021

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Further topics and dates to come so enter your details if you would like to stay informed for our upcoming events! 

What comes next?

Join Claire and Amber as they go through what you need to know to get the ball rolling towards purchasing your first home!

We understand first hand how overwhelming it can be when you are considering purchasing your first home - so whether you are hoping to buy now or if you have a goal to purchase in the future, tune in to get an idea of how the process works, how you can achieve your goals faster and how we can assist you in getting there. 

We will go through some of the following;

  • What a Mortgage Adviser does
  • Helping you assess where you are at now 
  • The important factors for lending - deposit, income, current debt and credit rating
  • Pre-approval
  • The buying process 

This first Webinar has been designed for First Home Buyers but will also benefit anyone who is interested in understanding more of the overall process and how we as Mortgage Advisers can benefit you. 

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