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To Fix now or Float now and fix later?

When interest rates appear to be dropping, we often get asked whether we think people should fix their rates now or if they should float for a period and then fix later on when the rates have dropped. This calculator may help you make that decision or at least give you some scenarios you can weigh up. 

A few things to note:

  • This is based on a 12 month period so if you are choosing to float for 2 months, we have then based the fixed portion to be for the remainder of a 10 month period. 
  • Remember that your floating rate can change at anytime and so savings or losses may change as floating rates vary as well.
  • All rates noted in the form are place holders and not the exact rates banks are giving currently or we predict that will be given in coming weeks/months
  • Savings are indicative as they may change based a number of factors. They are accurate based on the numbers you enter however.

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