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How much could I borrow
for an investment property?

How much can I possibly loan to purchase an investment property?

With the current bank policy, you are able to buy an already built investment property with a 35% deposit with most lenders and a new build (within 6 months of being built) with a 20% deposit. If you own your own home, you can use the equity in that to help you purchase your new investment property. The calculator will give you the theoretical amount available in terms equity to buy an investment property. 

If you have the required equity across your properties, the next step is to make sure you have the required personal income and rental income to service the lending. Touch base with the My Mortgage team and we can look at your personal situation and see what is possible for you and make a plan moving forward. 

How much could I buy an investment property for using the equity in my current home?

Note: This is just looking at the equity position you are in. You will still need to meet servicing requirements to get the lending in place to buy.

Looking to buy a new investment property?

We're happy to do the hard work for you and help you understand the finance behind buying an investment property. Whether it is investment property number one, 5 or 25, the My Mortgage team can help you structure things so that it works for you as well as getting you the best deal.

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Thanks for contacting the My Mortgage team about buying an investment property. One of the team will be in touch really soon.


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