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Repayment Calculator

How much will my repayments be for an investment property?

This calculator will give you the mortgage repayments for buying a new investment property. These are based on interest only calculations as that is generally the way we are seeing property accountants recommending to set up their mortgage repayments on investment properties. 

If, as an investor, you are wanting to be paying principal and interest repayments, we have amortgage repayment calculator here.

Note: These repayments are interest only and may not be available in every investment situation

Looking to buy a new investment property?

We're happy to do the hard work for you and help you understand the finance behind buying an investment property. Whether it is investment property number one, 5 or 25, the My Mortgage team can help you structure things so that it works for you as well as getting you the best deal.

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Thanks for contacting the My Mortgage team about buying an investment property. One of the team will be in touch really soon.


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