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How does it work?

Everyone is busy and so getting time to meet in person might not be possible and also, you may not be close to a My Mortgage expert but yet you want to get our awesome options, advice, service and price all completely online. 

With technology the way it is there are so many options of how we can communicate to make sure you get the best mortgage for you. We can give advice and get things set up via phone, email, text and online video call and all this can be done anytime and from anywhere.

Want to Chat?

Request a time to have an online call with one of our experienced Online Mortgage brokers.

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Complete our online application form and book a meeting time with an advisor.

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The Online Mortgage Process


Help us get to know you

One of our experienced advisors will jump on an online call with you, listen to what you are wanting to achieve & where you are currently at. We love hearing our clients stories and backgrounds so that we understand your goals and dreams.


Make a Plan

Once we know your situation and property goals, we can make a plan with you. We'll look at what you need, how we can best help and layout the options for you moving forward. This plan may be executed now or at some point in the future depending on where you are at.


Complete your Online Profile

There is no way around this step of the process. You'll need to complete our online application form and we'll need some copies of documents from you. ID, bank & credit statements, payslips or business financials. We'll let you know what we need and the best way to get it to us. All online of course.


We Approach Some Banks

This is where we work our magic. The My Mortgage team will take all your application information, package it up and send it to the banks that best suit your needs. Not all banks have the same policies & so we want to make sure we get you to the best lender for your situation.


Discuss Approvals & Negotiate Pricing

Within 5 - 10 days, we'll have some responses back from the banks and hopefully some loan offers to share with you. We'll let you know when we have them and the ins and outs of each if you have multiple offers. You might not necessarily need to choose a bank at this point, but you'll be able to satisfy your finance condition now. We'll negotiate interest rates and work on cash contributions with the banks so you know what you’ll be paying week to week.


Confirm Structure & Send Loan Documents

Once we have a range of the best options for you, we can confirm the structure of the loan prior to settlement so that you can get the most out of your mortgage. Depending on your goals, there are lots of different ways to structure your home loans and we have seen it all!

When that is all that is confirmed, we’ll arrange for your loan documents to be sent to your lawyer for you to sign and then it's time to sit back and look forward to sitting on the deck of your new property!

Years of "normal" Mortgage Experience now online

Life changes at a rapid rate and with it people expectations change also. Some people no longer want or need to meet in person to discuss their financial situation and their property goals. This can all be done online. 

Online Mortgage is a completely New Zealand online mortgage service for those who want to do everything online. Working as part of the from My Mortgage, Online Mortgage takes the best of a well oiled mortgage broking company and takes it all online. 

  • Meetings? Online
  • Application forms? Online
  • Communication? Online
  • Documentation? Online
This is how life works in most other realms so mortgages and home loans are the next step.

The Team

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