Should I break my fixed home loan?

Should I break my fixed home loan?

This is how much the new interest rate will save you in interest before the break cost

If you don't know this, contact us and we'll find out for you

This is the total amount breaking your loan will save you. If it's a positive number then you will have a benefit, if negative then it will cost you more than it saves.

This calculation is simply based on the figures entered above and does not take in to consideration any other costs of breaking and should not be considered advice on breaking your home loan. Contact us for personal advice from a Registered Financial Adviser on what is the right decision for your circumstances.

Contact My Mortgage to get your break fees

We're happy to do the hard work for you and request your break fees from your bank. This way you can weigh up whether it is worth breaking your fixed rate to make the most of the current interest rates or whether you're better to wait until the end of your terms to refix. 

This can vary from bank to bank and day to day so even if you'd had your break fees from your bank previously, we can ask again for you. 

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Contact My Mortgage about your break fees

Break fees can vary a lot between banks, from day to day and home loan to home loan. The only way to really know what your break fees may be if you are currently on a fixed term loan and if it is worth breaking you loan and refixing. We can act on your behalf, find out what your break fees would be and do all the maths on what is the best option for you.