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Selling Your Home?

Here's what you need to know from a finance perspective to ensure this process is smooth and stress-free

At My Mortgage, we’re fans of making a plan, and here’s our checklist of things to think about when you’re contemplating selling your property;

  • What’s your next move? Is it to upgrade to meet the needs of a growing family, downsize to decrease your home loan or to build a dream home?
  • Get pre-approved early – in today’s busy Real Estate Market, getting a pre-approval is key – we can help make that process stress-free and ensure you have all the options
  • Is your property part of an overall property portfolio? Selling can have significant impacts on other lending, especially with the same bank. Talk to us about how we can help with this
  • When selling and buying, it’s a great time to review your mortgage and ensure it’s still working well for you, as your financial position or situation might have changed since your last purchase
  • Will you need bridging finance to secure your next property?
  • Is your current lending fixed?

As always, we’re here as the home loan experts, with options across all mainstream banks. We can talk to your current bank, as well as some newer options, to make sure you’re all set to make your next move.

Talk to one of the Team to find out more about the best options for your situation to make the sale of your property an easy transition.

The My Mortgage Team


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