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Smashed Avo to Smashed Goals


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For many young New Zealanders, buying a home feels out of reach.

Inflation, economic pressures, and changes in the real estate market have pushed would-be first-home buyers to give up and spend their hard-earned deposit savings on new cars, travel, and eating out. They’ve even been accused of eating “far too much smashed avocado” to be able to buy a home.

But the real problem is, buyers are in the dark, and too often, they don’t know how many levers they can pull in their favour. It just takes some education around the process and having the right insights and advice to take the right action. Added up, these seemingly insignificant decisions are often enough to put the buyer in a solid position to buy—and make their home loan work to their advantage.

This book gives you the ins and outs straight from a mortgage adviser, homeowner, investor, and home lending expert. In fact, Claire Williamson wrote this book because she cares deeply about her own generation tasting the pride, possibility, and freedom of home ownership.

In her work, she has seen first-home ownership go from a distant dream to a dream come true—many times over. And she believes that with the right knowledge, you too can take charge and turn wishful thinking into reality as a well-positioned first-home buyer, set up for lifelong home ownership success.

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