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From the My Mortgage Blog

New Build Series - Part 4: The Build Process

Planning Like buying any kind of home, you need to have a plan. Where do you want to build, what type of house do you want to build and what is your budget?  A good place to start is with yourRead more

New Build Series - Part 3: The cost to build

Just like purchasing an existing home, there are additional costs on top of the build contract that you need to think about and budget for. Registered Valuation - $900 - $1300Solicitor - $500 -Read more

New Build Series - Part 2: Types of builds

New builds have a slightly different process to fund versus existing properties when it comes to arranging lending. The method in which you plan to build your home will determine the way your lendingRead more

New Build Series - Part 1: Why build a new house?

Building a home can be an exciting process and there are heaps of good reasons why you might build new over purchasing an existing house. There are a range of different ways about getting into aRead more

ANZ announces 'Blueprint to Build'

The new-build interest rate wars are really ramping up now. ASB and AIA's record breaking low 1.79% Back My Build rate has a new contender! ANZ has announced Blueprint to Build with an even lower,Read more

First Home Series - Part 1: Why buy a house?

Why would you buy a house? We’ve got quite a few different thoughts about why buying a home in New Zealand is a good idea. We tend to think that owning our own home is a mark of achievement andRead more

First Home Series - Part 2: How to save for your new home

You need a deposit There’s no two ways about it; when you’re looking at buying your first home you will need some kind of deposit! At the very minimum you will need 10% - 20% of the purchaseRead more

First Home Series - Part 3: Who's involved in your first home purchase?

When buying a property, there are a bunch of important things that happen in the background but rest assured there are a team of professionals you can assemble who will deal with all this stuff soRead more

First Home Series - Part 6: The five steps to buying

Step 1: Pre-approval So you’ve budgeted, saved, put in some extra hours and you’ve got your deposit ready to go! Now it’s time to get pre-approved. Your mortgage adviser will handle everythingRead more

First Home Series - Part 5: What are banks looking for?

While you’re saving for your first home, it's a really good idea to get ‘bank fit’. What exactly does ‘bank fit’ mean? Basically if you can present yourself in the best light possible andRead more

First Home Series - Part 4: What's it all going to cost?

A lot of the time, people forget that there are costs on top of the purchase price of the house! Here, we look at what additional costs come into play when purchasing your new home... Firstly, thereRead more

You may be losing your banker, but your adviser is still here!

It’s no secret that the face of banking has changed over the last few years. It’s a topic close to our heart, working in a lot of smaller, provincial towns. Banks are downsizing, by reducing branRead more