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From the My Mortgage Blog

New Rules: Interest Deductibility - What is it and what are the new rules?

What exactly is interest deductibility? In this quick blog we’re looking at what interest deductibility is and what do these new rules mean?... When you think about investment property, you’d expRead more

Should I pay money off my mortgage or should I add value to my property?

I recently had a client ask whether she should pay a lump sum off her loan, as her fixed term was about to expire, or use the funds she'd saved to put a new bathroom in her property. The answerRead more

What's up with DTI's?

In the maze of financial jargon out there, one term that has been buzzing around lately is DTIs, or Debt to Income Ratios. From economic pundits to lending institutions, everyone seems to be talkingRead more

Up-to-Date Financials for Business Owners buying residential property

A crucial aspect of residential home lending for business owners is the significance of keeping your business financials up to date. In recent years, banks have become increasingly stringent aboutRead more

Navigating Current Interest Rates: Why a Short-Term Fix Might Be Your Best Bet

At My Mortgage, we've been closely monitoring the current landscape of interest rates as of February 2024. With rates fluctuating between 6.4% and 6.9%, depending on the chosen term, we believe it'sRead more

Applying for a mortgage while on a fixed term employment contract - How does that work?

We commonly hear people say that it’s impossible to get a home loan when you’re on a fixed term contract but is that true? Read on to find out more!... Every situation is different when it comesRead more

I’m in a trial period - Can I apply for a home loan?

It’s less common these days to see trial periods in employment contracts since the law changed in 2018 to only allow employers with 19 or less staff to include trial periods. But the question doesRead more

The property I'm buying has unconsented work

After the flurry of purchasing in 2020 and 2021 where many people purchased properties without much due diligence, over the past 6 months we're starting to see more buyers conducting thorough checksRead more

Can I buy a house and renovate it?

In the last six months I've had numerous questions from first-home buyers who are eyeing up properties that are now available at a lower price due to their need for some tender loving care! There arRead more

Do lending amounts vary between banks?

One of the common questions we're asked is whether lending amounts vary between banks, and the answer is a resounding "yes".  We'll run through a few of the reasons behind these variations and whyRead more

How do I make an offer? Top tips for being successful

Property markets can ebb and flow and there are plenty of moving parts. Competition, price, conditions - what do these all mean and how can you be successful? We break down some of our adviceRead more

We're having a baby - what does it mean for our mortgage?

Congratulations! The arrival of a baby is a joyous occasion, filled with excitement, anticipation, and a whirlwind of preparations. Amidst the baby showers, nursery decorations, and prenatal classes,Read more

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