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What does a Mortgage Adviser do?

Simply put, a Mortgage Adviser is someone who acts on behalf of people to arrange and give advice on the best home loan options. We do this by having agreements with banks which allow us to submit loan applications and negotiate the best deals.

That's not all we do!

We also help by doing the following:

  • Submitting loan applications to multiple banks
  • Recommending the best loan structure
  • Negotiating the best deal
  • Explaining Bank Jargon in Simple terms
  • Working with lawyers, accountants etc to make things simple

What makes My Mortgage different?

  • We are completely free – The banks pay us
  • We embrace technology to make things smooth and fast
  • We work for your best interests – Not for bank profits
  • We’re a small company – You know who you’re working with
  • We’re out there doing it ourselves

Most of all we are on your team, and will provide all the help and support you need to purchase your dream home!

We’ll give you advice around how you can pay your loan off in the quickest way possible so you can get debt free faster. Our website also has some fantastic tools which help with managing your budget, and a great calculator which will help make sure your loan repayments are affordable for you and your situation.

Every situation is different, so speak to us about the best
option for you and we can have your new home lending
sorted in no time.

The My Mortgage Team


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