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Why are we your best mate?

After being in the industry for almost 10 years now, we've found there are still quite a few misconceptions out there as to what we actually do.

So we decided to put together a list of the most common misconceptions and little known facts about Mortgage Advisers.

1. Our services are free to our clients

Almost everyone who has never met a Mortgage Broker thinks we must charge through the roof for the kind of service we deliver. The good news is that we don't actually charge anything!

We're up front about the fact that the banks pay us when a loan is accepted. And we would much rather they paid for it than you.

2. Mortgage Brokers aren't affiliated to any particular bank

We are really passionate about getting all our clients the best deal possible. This could be with your current bank, but it may not be if they haven't provided you a good level of service in the past. 

We'll also tailor your application to the particular bank which is most likely to approve it – different banks have different policies, and we know them all inside out.

3. We are here to work for you, not for the bank

We pride ourselves on providing top level service, and the best and smoothest experience for you, working with Real Estate Agents, your lawyer, accountant and valuers to get everything in line for your finance. While most banks work strictly 9-5, we're also happy to meet with you outside normal working hours if required.

4. We meet you, like you and genuinely care that your Home Loan is approved

When our clients get in touch for the first time, we like to visit their home and have a chat about their financial goals, their property goals, and what loan structure might best suit their personal situation.We are proud to say we really really like our clients. They are cool people, and many are our friends and family. So we actually care that we are helping these cool people move forward in life, and for that reason, we will do everything in our power to make sure you get a phone call to say your loan is approved.

5. 95% of the time, we can get you a better deal

Many people have worked with their own bank to obtain pre-approval. Sometimes this means they are getting a good deal, and if so that's awesome. 95% of the time, we can probably beat it. And the simple reason for this is that the banks know if they give us good rates for our clients, we'll keep coming back.

So even if you're thinking "I already have a mortgage, how can you help me?", we may be able to. We also take care of refixes for our clients, so if your loan term is about to expire, or even if you'd like to see whether breaking a fixed term could save you money, we can help. We provide all this information back to you, along with our recommendations, so you can make the final decision on the best way forward for your situation.

Understandably, we can't think of many reasons why you wouldn't want  free Options, Advice, Service and Price when making your next property finance decision, so call or email us today for a chat about how we can help you achieve your property goals faster.

We bet even your best mate can't provide you that level of service!

Claire & Adam (My Mortgage)


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