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ANZ Blueprint to Build Version 2.0 2023

ANZ originally announced its Blueprint to Build in 2021 as a way to support the construction industry and help people to build new homes. You can read about the specifics of it here. Right from the start it was pitched as a short-term lending product that was going to have an end date. That time has come. 

All good things come to an end but to ANZ's credit, they have announced a new, more long-term version of their Blueprint to Build product. 

There are a few benefits to the new Blueprint to Build product and these benefits last for 2 years from the start of your new loan. The main benefits include:

  • Discounted fees on Flexi accounts, Credit cards, and other ANZ accounts

  • Discounted interest rates (as below)

Home Loan interest rate discounts

  • Flexible rate: 1.25% discount - (ANZ's revolving credit)

  • Floating rate: 1.25% discount

  • Fixed rate: 0.60% discount (applied to new fixed-rate periods only)

Other standard build/construction things like cash contributions and interest-only periods apply depending on eligibility.

To discuss if Blueprint to Build is the right option for you, touch base with the My Mortgage team and we can work through how to access this type of lending and get things moving forward for you. 


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