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It's ok to ask!

We call it the teenager effect, we all know that mumbly "leave me alone, I know what I'm doing" when in reality they lack the background understanding and knowledge to do it right. A lot of people are the same with their mortgage.

It may come as no surprise that Adam has managed to relate the arrival of our first baby a few weeks ago to getting a mortgage.

Simply because you have one it doesn't make you an expert. It's definitely a good idea to ask more experienced people for help!

Adam had the antenatal classes to learn how to change a nappy etc, then they got the midwife explaining all of the detail of how to get their little girl off to the best start.... that's essentially what My Mortgage does for your mortgage. We're the experts who have done the training and keep our knowledge current so that we can give you advice on getting things right. 

Just like Adam had no idea how to change a nappy or bathe a baby until the midwife showed him, no one expects you to know the best loan structure or fixed interest rate and certainly not which bank is the right fit for you (you get to choose your mortgage... You can't switch your baby!) 

So it's ok to ask for help. That's what we're here for. Below is a list of five things we've done for clients in the past week... If it's anything to do with home loans then we can help!

  1. Helped a 20 year old purchase their first home

  2. Saved a property investor over $4000 per year in interest over their 3 rental properties

  3. Made a plan for a couple in their 50's to be debt free in 5 years

  4. Re-fixed loans for 9 clients who had fixed loans expire - Negotiated discounts on all of them

  5. Got pre approval for a couple in their 40's to build a bigger home for their expanding family

Remember, it's ok to ask! We can help with your home loan in many ways, all you need to do is get in touch

We look forward to helping you with your home loan soon

Adam the My Mortgage Team


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