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The changing face of banking

There has been a lot of coverage in the media recently about branches shutting in small rural towns which has rightly irked a lot of locals. To us there is more to this story in the changing face of banking and we can guarantee that in 10 years time things will be a lot different to how they are now.

Service is the most important thing to us so we'd like to show how we fit in to the ever evolving banking model and how you can be assured that by working with the My Mortgage team you will always be getting great independent advice.

What about my bank?

Gone are the days of "The Bank Manager" being the person that you go to see for all financial advice. Most banks now have all lending dealt with by "Personal Bankers" with varying degrees of experience and only one product to offer. 

Changes in the Financial Advisers Act have meant that only certain individuals can give advice on certain products and a lot of lenders are wary to advise on specific structures and fixed terms as they don't have the relevant qualifications or authority to do so.

Moving online

The shift of banking online, like many services, has really streamlined the process and most customers have taken up doing a lot of their day to day banking online. However there are some services you just can't replace with a computer. 

What if you just want to sit down and discuss your personal situation and plans with a person? 

A Home Loan is much more complex than just getting the money and getting a good interest rate. What about if you want to change payments in the future? What happens when you sell? Can you take that loan to a new property? What if interest rates change? What if you want to top up for renovations or a new car? Do they have a good business banking package?

Our Commitment

At My Mortgage we have and always will be about providing the best level of service to our clients. Every month we're out seeing dozens of clients in their own homes and taking the time to understand the needs of each person to ensure that the best options are sought out.

How we are different?

  1. We embrace technology - there will always be someone on the end of the phone or email at our office - and we guarantee that we'll return your call or email within the working day, usually within a few hours. We also do everything electronically to improve our turnaround times as much as possible.
  2. We provide an overall service - we work with your accountant, lawyer and even Real Estate Agents to make purchasing, reviewing and refinancing as smooth as it can be.
  3. We'll never just consider one option for your home loan. It's important to us all that suitable lenders are considered and that you have the right lender for your personal situation. 
  4. We'll stick with you for the long term - If it's a local branch that matters then we'll make sure you get a bank with a strong local presence. If you want the same person to deal with every time then we'll choose a bank that puts us as the adviser, as your first port of call. 

So what's the bottom line? Banking in New Zealand is changing, and that means more customers are turning to Mortgage Advisors to provide the high level of service they require. Choosing to work with us means that in 10 years time, we'll still be here continuing to innovate, embracing new technology and providing a great service to you.

We look forward to hearing from you


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