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Look out for your mates!

Some valuable musings over a bottle of wine

Having a couple of wines with some friends over the weekend and a common question came up... "How do I know which bank is right for me? I've got one now, why not just get my mortgage from them?" We think we had the best analogy yet

Think of a Home Loan like a jacket. Essentially when you step outside in this cold weather. Then think of a mortgage broker as as a fashion guru (a hard ask when Adam one wears jeans and a shirt 99% of the time!) 

Even as a fairly simple country lad Adam's got a wardrobe full of different jackets depending on the need... A suit jacket for business meetings, a Swandri if he's heading out on the farm, a raincoat if he's heading in to the bush tramping etc etc This is where "looking out for your mates" comes in. A jacket is a jacket in the same way a home loan is a home loan. They are all the same in some ways but different in so many others and if you've got the wrong one for the purpose then you're either going to look a bit silly (think a suit jacket when you're out on the farm in the rain) or you're not going to have the right product for you. 

It's not just a case of looking in your wardrobe or wallet and saying "I've got this brand of one here, I'll just use it for everything" This is where you could have a home loan you're paying too much for. Or perhaps you don't have the flexibility for payments that you need, or maybe the structure you have doesn't fit your long term financial goals. 

We regularly deal with the four major banks and around half a dozen specialist lenders and understand the differences in their products well. With this knowledge and our experience, we can ensure that you've got the right fit for you. This will not only save you money but make it much easier to repay your mortgage sooner.

So look out for your mates, put them in touch with My Mortgage and make sure they've got the right "jacket" for them.

We look forward to working with you and them


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