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We do more than you think

A few weeks ago we went to visit a very good client who we hadn't seen in a while, and the talk came around to the fact they had just fixed a portion of their loan with their bank; and when we heard the rate we nearly fell over - a full 0.7% more than they should have been paying!

All of this came to pass because our client didn't know refixing was part of the service we provide our clients. And there's a few other less obvious parts of our service we think you should know about;


This is the big one. Even if we didn't arrange your first home loan, we can still negotiate discounted rates on your behalf when your fixed term expires. All we need is some very simple information from you and we'll take care of the rest.

Breaking your fixed term to get better rates

For some clients, breaking their current fixed term and re-fixing for a new period of time might actually save them money in the long term. Someone who fixed at 6.5% three years ago might be better off on a new rate with the certainty of their repayments for longer. We can talk you through the options and analyse the cost vs. benefit for you.

​Refinancing your mortgage

Are you happy with the lender you're with? Do they provide you good service and listen to what you have to say? If not, now might be a great time to investigate other options. We'll sit down with you and nut out exactly what you're looking for in a lender to make sure your loan structure is right for you.

​Construction loans

Yes, we do arrange loans for new builds; and we can really help make it easy with managing your progress payments and valuations, etc. Speak to us about your plans to build and we'll make sure we approach the right lender and have the right structure in place for you while you're building.

​Top ups

Do you need some funds to renovate your house? With the rise in house prices nearly everywhere recently, chances are you have some extra equity in your property and a simple top up can be arranged very quickly.


Sometimes clients come to us with a couple of credit cards, a hire purchase and perhaps a personal loan for which they are paying very high interest rates. Perhaps they were interest free to begin with, but now you might be stuck paying up to 20-25%! In many cases we can help to consolidate these for you, and at home loan rates you'll be debt free in no time.

There really is more to our business than arranging loans for new purchases (although we love doing this!), and the great thing for you is that we do work on tall the things above at least a couple of times a week each.

Back to our lovely client - the story ends well. We gave her a friendly talking to and we actually achieved a fantastic result for her and her partner just this week. A saving of $8K in interest cost each year, which is absolutely huge, and we simplified their structure to make the most of the lower rates and give them certainty in their payments for a longer period.

With all of these ways we can help, we'd love to talk to you or someone you know to improve their mortgage – Contact us today!


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