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Professionals you need on your Property Investment Team

My Mortgage Podcast: Season 2, Episode 5 

In this episode of the My Mortgage Podcast, Greg and Claire uncover the important role of professionals in shaping a successful investment strategy. We start by talking about the role of mortgage advisors, emphasising their client-centred approach across various banks, ensuring optimal financial solutions and fostering long-term planning.

They spotlight the significance of accountants in investment property ventures, clarifying their role in structuring tax optimisations and ownership frameworks; vital for maximising income potential.

They delve into the legal aspects with solicitors, underscoring their pivotal role in contractual clarity, entity structuring, and problem-solving to safeguard investors from potential pitfalls.

The discussion widens to property managers, shedding light on their crucial role in navigating legislation, property upkeep, and tenant management. Their insights reveal the balance between self-management and professional oversight, stressing the implications of getting it wrong in today's regulatory landscape.

Expanding the professional landscape, Claire & Greg explore the value brought by surveyors, valuers, real estate agents, builders, and support organisations. Their insights highlight the critical importance of leveraging relationships, gaining informed advice, and exercising caution in adapting general advice to specific situations.

The episode rounds off with a firm emphasis on seeking personalised guidance amidst a sea of advice, stressing the importance of aligning professional expertise with individual investment goals.

Tune in for a comprehensive guide to leveraging professionals and forging a successful investment journey in the dynamic property market, and book a call with Claire or Greg using the link below!


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