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Tyre Kickers Welcome! Come one, come all.

We had a great email the other day from a young chap who hadn't been managing his finances but had come to the conclusion that he wanted to do something about it and get himself a house. He was a bit sheepish to ask for advice at first but after spending some good time with him making a plan we think he'll be able to get in to his own home in around 12 months time.

That got us thinking we've all got to start somewhere and if it's buying a house then we'd like talking to the team at My Mortgage to be that place to kick off a discussion and some planning.

We're happy to give our time to anyone who is keen to know more about the process of buying a home and what they need to do to get there... all you have to do is ask!

What do we need to know?

To start off we'd just like to get to know a little more about what you'd like to buy and your current financial position so expect a few questions like the below..

  • Where would you like to buy?
  • How much do you think you'll need to spend? (we can help set maximum limits if you like)
  • What is your current deposit?
  • Do you have Kiwisaver?
  • What is your current income?
  • What are the balances and repayments for your existing loans?
  • Is there any other specific financial information you think might help then we'd like to hear about that too

What can we do from there?

The next steps will depend on where you're at on your home purchasing journey.

  • We'll help to set some guidelines on what you can afford

  • If you can't buy now then we'll work with you to set some goals on where you need to get to to purchase a home (we'll follow up on these with you too)

  • We can help setting a budget so that you can easily save a deposit for your first home

  • We'll explain the process involved with buying (or building) so that you know how things will play out when you're ready

  • If you're ready to go then we'll arrange for a loan pre-approval so you've got a specific amount of lending approved and you know the conditions

So if it's your first home, a rental property or perhaps you're considering building your own home or buying a holiday house then why don't you start by kicking a few tyres with us and we can make a plan together on how to get you there. 

To start just click the contact us or you can use one of our online tools to submit more information with the current loan review or loan application forms.

If you think your friends or family could do with kicking some tyres then feel free to share this link and share the love. We'd be keen to hear from them too!

We look forward to answering those "silly" questions and getting you started on the path to home ownership. 

Adam, Claire and the My Mortgage team


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