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What happens when you're Pre-Approved?

Once you have pre-approval, it’s time to look for the perfect first home for you! This is the really exciting part of the process and by now we’ve given you all the tools you need to find the right house for the right price.

When making an offer, it’s most often a good idea to include a finance condition, often to give you some time to apply for your Kiwisaver, and for us to work towards an unconditional loan offer for you. What this means is that the bank has given final approval to lend you the money to buy the house.

During the period of your finance condition we’ll work with your lawyer, Real Estate Agent, and any other people involved in the purchase to make the process smooth and fast for you. We do this all the time and are used to the timeframes – and we also know a trick or two to get things done a bit quicker!

We’ll also organise any little bits and pieces for you, like Registered Valuations if required. We want to make your life stress free at this point!

At any stage, please ask any questions you have. We have plenty of experience and the answers to most tricky situations. 


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