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Should service change because of how rich you are?

It certainly doesn't at My Mortgage

One of the things that has stood out to us in the years of being in this industry is how many people come to me after being provided sub standard service elsewhere.

This article caught our eye over the holiday period. It shows how the big banks treat their most important customers. We're sure a lot of people reading this will appreciate the fact that this level of service is not generally afforded to the average customer.

However we like to think we provide a point of difference here. Regardless of the bank you deal with, we give you a dedicated Home Loan Specialist who understands your personal situation well and can provide advice specific to your situation. Regardless of the lender you have your home loan with.

The above point is one that is often missed when people are looking for a new Home Loan. The bank's advertising conditions you to always be looking for the best interest rate or cash back but as our recent blog on having the correct loan structure, points out. Tailoring your home loan to best suit your financial situation, goals and spending habits will save you more in the long run then just an interest rate alone. The added bonus is that we'll also negotiate you the very best deal in the market!

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