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I've got a bank, I'm sorted right?

But are you?

This would be one of the most common reasons given for not seeking independent advice on your home loan.  For a lot of people they simply look in their wallet, see a bank logo on one of their cards and assume that that bank is the one that's the best for them.

They might be doing just fine with your day to day banking and have some clever TV marketing which keeps you engaged but there is a lot more to consider when it comes time to borrow a few hundred thousand dollars.

The reality is, it's no harder for us to do your application, and we'll cover all the best bank options for you, rather than just one.  Of course, one of those banks will be your current bank!

I think the My Mortgage catch phrase sums up the reasons why taking your current bank autopilot is not the best thing to do. So let's look at that.


We collate a single loan application with all of the standard information required by a bank.  Then for us it's as simple as clicking a few buttons and that application is with 3 or 4 lenders, which would include your current bank.


Because our only motivation is to get you the right product, we can give you independent advice regardless of the bank that you wind up with.

You also get to keep this advice and build on the knowledge of your personal situation as your life changes and grows so that you've got someone on your side regardless of changes in products or interest rates.


We've got people based service. As a general rule you're only going to deal with the one Adviser, forever (or as long as you have a mortgage at least). Adam and Claire are both owners of My Mortgage and are committed for the long term. That means that when you refer us or buy another house in a few years time you'll be dealing with the same people rather than receiving a letter or a call and being told that someone is your new "account manager".


We believe strongly in loyalty to people, but not in loyalty to big companies. To that end we're not concerned about which bank provides your home loan, so long as they are providing the best deal for you. If you've spent ten years with a bank and they're now offering you a deal which is going to cost you $2000 more per year than a deal from another bank then we think you deserve to have the option to choose that other bank. Our service is free and we negotiate the best deal for you so there really is nothing to lose! It's simple really.

Your bank might be awesome, but it's definitely worth getting an independent opinion on whether they are the best one for you.  It costs you nothing and is no more effort so give us a go!

Simply contact us or email

We look forward to talking to you soon

Adam, Claire and the My Mortgage Team


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