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"Have fun, make money & make a difference" is our "Why?"

What's this all about?

Well it's probably not what you're going to hear from another Mortgage Broking firm, that's for sure.

This is a slogan pinned to the wall by Adam's desk and it's been that way ever since he started My Mortgage back in 2012.  

It's pretty simple really.

Have fun

Anyone who knows Adam will know that you're going to see his pasty white legs no matter the time of the year because he's a shorts and jandals man. It's not your normal "Bank Manager/Financial Adviser" look but it's genuine.  

And as a girl in her (very) late 20's, Claire is far from the norm when it comes to Mortgage Advisers. We're just not those stuffy suit types! 

There's no point us reading bank policy to you like a robot, we'd prefer to have some fun and make sure that you're on board with the information you need to make the right decisions about the biggest financial decision you'll make in your life.  

It's important to us that we deliver this message with a smile on our face and it should be putting one on yours! 

Make money

We're not ashamed to say that making money is important to us.  There are some very good reasons for this. We get paid by the banks when we complete a new loan for you. To do that we've got to make sure we're giving great service and delivering the very best options. If we do that, you've got the best result and we get paid. Perfect!

Having the right team is important to us. People with the right attitude and skills to make your life easy. They've got families and dreams of their own to pursue and we believe they need to be paid well to do that good job.

We want you to deal with us.  For us it's important that we're out there on the front line talking to people about their lending.  If we're making money then we can do this, if not then we need to cut back and do more office work which takes us away from what we're best at!

​Make a difference

This is huge for us. It's our ultimate purpose for being here. 

Firstly we want to make a difference for our clients. We want to make things easy, we want them to have a positive experience and we want them to be able to achieve their financial goals

Secondly, we want to make a difference in our community.  All of the staff at My Mortgage have a chunk of money each year set aside to spend on a community initiative. We believe strongly in giving back to our communities.  After all, we want your support so we should make sure we're doing our bit.  

What does this look like?

Claire - The Hunger Project and Food Together - Claire is supporting projects around food and nutrition both locally and internationally at the moment. She's embarking on an amazing journey with The Hunger Project based around empowering woman in communities in third world countries to make a difference. This includes Claire raising $10,000 this year and travelling to Africa to volunteer in one of the communities that this amazing project is working in. Read more about this here Locally she is supporting FoodTogether. A project which aims to provide healthy and affordable fruit and vegetables for all families.  Read more about this here

Hannah - Books for Kids - Hannah's passion lies in kids learning through reading. We're sure most people can identify with some of their more special moments tucked up with their parents reading books when they were kids. Hannah has set up a "library" at her son's daycare where parents can borrow books to take home and read to their children.This is breaking down the barrier of cost, for people to have new books to share with their family and of course helping those kids kick off their education in the best way possible. Read more about this here.

Adam - Predator Free Cambridge - Some of you may have been caught listening to Adam rave about the virtues of our native trees and animals, you'll appreciate just how passionate he is about this. On top of planting over 10,000 trees on his own property to create more habitat for birds etc, Adam is most passionate about removing the introduced pests that are chomping their way through these birds and robbing the bush of the birdsong it should have. To start off with Adam has donated 150 rat traps to Predator Free Cambridge. This is encouraging Kiwis to get stuck into conservation and making pests a thing of the past. Why? We've got something incredibly unique in this country.  Because we don't have any native land mammals we've got the most unique bunch of birds and they're worth protecting.  They're a massive part of our identity as kiwis.  If we knock out rats, possums etc that kill them then we can give them a chance to be back in everyone's backyard.

So that's why we come to work each day. We'd love to be working with you so if you, or anyone you know, is looking for advice or assistance with a home loan then it would be great to hear from you.  

Thanks for taking the time to read our "why"

Adam, Claire, Hannah and the My Mortgage Team


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