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Your Home Loan Elevator Pitch - Telling your story

Are you not having any love with your bank?  Or you feel like you're just not getting what you want?

We don't consider ourselves to be greasy salespeople by any stretch but most people can appreciate the importance of getting your home loan "pitch" right.  It's a bit like a job interview.

To start off with you've got to understand what the other side wants. This is a hard one with the banks as their policy is changing all the time and often their policies are not published anywhere so it's like trying to draw a picture in the dark!

You've also got to make sure that what you're offering is being presented as best as it can.  There's no point showing up in your favourite jandals when they're looking for someone in a suit and tie.

This is where we come in!

The key areas where we can help to increase your success with a loan application are:

Putting your best foot forward

You may not be perfect but if you've got a perfect plan then the bank are going to look at you much more favourably.  Yep you may have a bit of debt, have been in your job a short time, or have a new business, but we take the time to understand this and ensure your long term plan is presented to the bank so they see you as a good long term customer.

Showing them what they want

You might think your brand new off roader is the coolest thing in the world but telling the bank that you got it for below market price isn't going to impress them. What they want to see is that you've got a budget showing you can afford those payments and your new mortgage payments. They want to see how you're going to progress with your career and earn more money.  The banks love money!

Have more options available to you

Some banks simply do not have an appetite for a certain kind of lending, whereas another one will jump at the chance to lend to you. Working with us with all the banks available to you means we can get not only the money itself, but some seriously sweet terms to go along with it.

We are seeing a lot more applications coming across our desks where people have said "the bank said no" and we have simply ticked off those three things above, presented a perfect application and turned around an approval for them in a week.

Let us do that hard work for you and absolutely nail your elevator pitch the first time. Then we can be sure your elevator is going all the way to the top floor!


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