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This is the year to smash your mortgage!

The ducks are all falling in to a row when it comes to making repaying your mortgage easier and we think 2021 is the year to make some great headway on securing your financial future.  

There's no doubt it's a great feeling as a home owner when your property value increases but ultimately you have to repay your mortgage before you can realize that equity, free up your cashflow and have more money to spend on fun things.

There are a number of things lining up this year which will help you repay your mortgage faster and we'd love to help you do just that

  1. Interest rates are at all time lows - less cost means more ability to repay principal
  2. It's a new year and you can create a simple plan now to get some big gains by christmas 
  3. The banks are giving good cashbacks - If your bank isn't giving the best deal then there is not a financial barrier to moving banks
  4. You've got us on your side - We can tailor a plan to reduce your mortgage faster

This all sounds great but is it hard work?  It really isn't.  We'll do the hard work on making a plan and giving you some options then all you have to do is go about your normal life and watch your mortgage drop quicker than ever.

Where to start?  Simply click this link and give us a few details on your current mortgage and we'll come back with a tailored plan and some options for you. It should only take a couple of minutes, perhaps less time than it took you to read this far.

We're keen to help you reduce your mortgage in 2021 so get in touch, we're here to help

Adam and the My Mortgage Team


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