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Financial Life Cycle

My Favourite Type of Graph

This graph talks about your financial position over time.

Most of us start out with a high mortgage, and a mortgage that equates to a high percentage of the value of the property.

Over time, the value of your property will increase (though we may see up and down fluctuations at times, it generally always shifts up), and as pay your home loan it will decrease.

It takes a while for those lines to cross over, but they will crossover at some point!

The first years will be harder than the following years, but it is important to understand that for all the hard or tight yards at the beginning, there is big reward and quality of life in the longer run.

Buying a house feels like a big commitment, and probably a stretch for most, but our team are here to help you on that journey and can help answer your questions about what it could look like. We won’t ever get someone into an impossible situation, but we do want to help people through the “it feels impossible right now” situations, and in the long run, cannot wait to celebrate with you when you look at your friends and family and say, “I’m so glad we did it!”.  

If you have some questions about buying a house right now or want someone to chat with about making a bit of a plan to get there, give us a buzz – we are always happy to help!


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