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What does a Mortgage Broker cost you?


The simple answer to this question is when you've got My Mortgage on your team, we cost you nothing at all.

It's been a hectic start to the year with the property market still very strong, especially across the Waikato. We've also had two new additions to our team to kick of 2016, but we'll cover over these two superstars in more detail in a later update.

A regular question that has come up again recently is to ask what our service costs so I thought it would be worthwhile explaining how we're remunerated and why this allows us to get the very best deal for you.

The reason why we can provide a free service of advising on and arranging Home Loans for our clients is because the banks pay us. This ensures we can provide the time of our experienced and helpful personnel at no charge to you.

Each bank has a slightly different way in which they remunerate us but essentially they pay us a commission when we introduce a new loan with them. All of the banks pay roughly the same commission and we certainly wouldn't use this as a factor in deciding which bank is best for you.

They can afford to pay us this commission because they are not paying a salary to someone employed by them who would otherwise be providing the mortgage advice. They're also not having to pay for marketing, support staff etc for the job that we complete for them. This makes it a win/win/win for us, the bank and for you. It also means that you're still getting the best deal when we're on your side.

The common benefits our clients often state are...

  • We do the leg work for you with lenders. Saving you time.
  • We provide professional advice from a specialist in Home Loans
  • We provide the best options from a number of lenders
  • We can negotiate a great deal, because we understand what other lenders are offering and have the power of competition
  • We provide a specialist service, committed to meeting your needs. In a timely manner online or able to arrange meetings where and when suit you
  • Regular reviews of your home loan to help you achieve your financial goals

We hope that the above information helps you to make the decision to use a Mortgage Broker as opposed to dealing directly with a bank and clears up the myth about the potential cost of getting this great service.

Below is an attachment with a flyer that has some brief detail on what we do if you'd like to have a read or share with friends.

As always you can feel free to touch base with me personally by sending me an email or feel free to browse our site more and use the contact us form to get in touch.

We look forward to speaking to you soon

Adam and the Team


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