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You may be losing your banker, but your adviser is still here!

It’s no secret that the face of banking has changed over the last few years. It’s a topic close to our heart, working in a lot of smaller, provincial towns. Banks are downsizing, by reducing branch hours, reducing the amount of branch support staff and even closing branches altogether in some areas. 

Times are changing and most things can be done via internet banking, which is awesome but at times, we understand you still need someone to talk to. You might be losing your bankers, but you’ve still got your mortgage advisers and we’re keen to help!

The team at my mortgage are happy to arrange face-to-face meetings, zoom meetings, phone calls. Whatever suits you best! Even if you’ve just got a question you need answered or some advice, flick us an email and we are more than happy to check it out. 

Just because you no longer have a branch to walk into, doesn’t mean you have to make decisions on your own. We can do reviews, arrange new lending, look at your existing lending...anything to do with a mortgage, we can help.

You might be losing your bankers, but your team of mortgage advisers at My Mortgage are still here to help and of course, our service is still free. Get in contact with Adam, Claire, Greg or Amber today.


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