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10 step guide to your
first mortgage

We like to keep things simple, so we’ve created an easy to follow 10 step guide which will take you through the purchasing process from start to finish all delivered to your inbox with one step and supporting information every day..

What will this series cover?

  1. Finding the right people to support you
  2. Put together a plan
  3. Applications and Pre approval
  4. Lawyers, KiwiSaver and First Home Grant
  5. Finding a house and making an offer
  6. Once you're offer is accepted, then what
  7. Going unconditional
  8. Loan Structures and Interest rates
  9. Final Documents
  10. Settlement day and moving in!

Sign up now and get all the information you need to take some of the anxiety out of purchasing your first home.

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Thanks for reaching out about buying your first home. That's exciting! One of the team will be in touch really soon about helping you get finance to buy your first home.


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