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Who are NZ Advice Group?

New Zealand Advice Group are focused on protecting your future, whether it be insuring your life, income, home, car or saving for your retirement. They are specialists in their field and deal with a range of different insurance companies and fund managers to find a great deal for you. The best part is that they then continue to stay in touch year after year making sure that the products you have are still correct for your current situation. New Zealand Advice Group is proud to be able to help at claim time for insurance.

My Mortgage and NZ Advice Group Partnership

At My Mortgage, we like to align ourselves with people and organisations that share the same values we have and who do great work. NZ Advice Group are one of those organisations. As we at My Mortgage look after your home lending, the team at NZ Advice Group will help make certain you are insured if things don't go according to your plans and help you plan for the future in terms of savings and retirement. 

These are good people, helping good people to protect themselves and their families protect their future. 

Contact My Mortgage about connecting up with NZ Advice Group

Regardless of your current situation in terms of insurances, savings and retirement planning, the team at NZ Advice Group can help. We're proud to partner with Reagan and his team to support our clients with their ongoing insurance needs.

We can't wait to help you get sorted to have peace of mind as you continue on your property ownership journey.

Adam, Claire, Greg and the My Mortgage team

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