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Who are Heartland Homes?

Heartland Homes is a company that was established by a group of like-minded New Zealanders who have been involved in the building industry for a collective of 70 years. Their previous hands on involvement in the planning, building and project management of over 700 homes, provide a solid foundation of knowledge, experience and reliability.

The values of honesty, integrity, reliability and the passion to extend true value to our customers have created the foundation principles of Heartland Homes.

My Mortgage and Heartland Homes Partnership

At My Mortgage, we like to align ourselves with people and organisations that share the same values we have and who do great work. Heartland Homes are one of those organisations. The team build homes that will last generations and give a range of options including Kit set, transportable and onsite builds.

We love helping clients get finance to build the homes they want and the team at Heartland Homes love turning clients plans into a reality, to build something that meets their needs. 

How does the partnership work?

Working with the right team of people is critical to building a new home. Heartland Homes and My Mortgage can be that team.

If you are looking to build throughout the Waikato either with an onsite build, a kit set or a transportable home, Heartland Homes are the team to speak to. While you're organising all the details of your build with them, My Mortgage will make sure you have the lending to get your build done.

Let us help you get to where you want to go. 

Contact My Mortgage about building with Heartland Homes

Regardless of where you are in the building process, reach out to the My Mortgage team and we can make sure you've got all the information you need to get the house of your dreams built.

We can help at any stage of the process so reach out if you are:

  • Wanting to build but not sure what you can afford
  • Have plans ready and need to confirm finance
  • Wanting to make sure you are getting the best deal with your build finance
  • Coming to the end of your build and looking at the best structure for your mortgage

We can't wait to help you get into your newly built home as soon as possible.

Greg, Claire, Adam and the My Mortgage team

Contact My Mortgage

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