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My Mortgage Community Fund

Empower Your Community with the My Mortgage Community Fund!

Are you a passionate individual or group dedicated to making a positive impact in our community? The My Mortgage Community Fund is here to support your initiatives with financial backing of up to $500. Whether you're enhancing local green spaces, organizing educational programs, or fostering community connections, we want to be part of your journey. Our easy application process ensures that your innovative projects get the attention and support they deserve. Join us in building a stronger, more vibrant community – apply for the My Mortgage Community Fund today!

At My Mortgage, we believe in the power of community-driven projects. We invite you to share your ideas and aspirations with us, and we'll help turn them into reality. Our application process is straightforward – just below on our website, fill out the form, and tell us about your project. Whether it's a neighborhood beautification effort, a youth mentorship program, or any other community-focused endeavor, the My Mortgage Community Fund is ready to invest in your vision. Together, let's create a community we're proud to call home.

Why do we do this?

At My Mortgage, we know the value of our clients. Without them, we don't have a business.  Historically we've sent out birthday cards to all our clients with a couple of scratches thrown in for good luck. We got a lot of positive feedback about the cards and scratches but it got to a point where the amount we were spending on this felt like we could do something more positive for our communities. 

The My Mortgage Comunity Fund was born out of a desire to support those who support us. We love our local communities and want to do good in those communities and so we set up the Community Fund.

Apply Now

To apply, you will need to:

  • Provide your information and the information of the organisation or group you're applying on behalf of

  • Provide some independent references we can check in about project or group

  • Upload a 1 min video of you explaining the application

  • Be able to provide evidence once the money has been granted showing the community impact

Complete and submit the form here and then upload your video here.

Application Form

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Application sent. Please be sure to upload your video on the following link:

Mortgage Community Fund - Terms and Conditions

Before applying, please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

1. Eligibility: a. Applicants must be clients of My Mortgage and b. Projects must contribute positively to the community and align with our values.

2. Funding Allocation: a. Approved projects may receive up to $500 in financial support. b. The fund is limited to $10,000 per year, and allocations will be made based on the merits of each project.

3. Application Process: a. Complete the application form available on our website. b. Provide a detailed description of your project, its goals, and how the funds will be utilised.

4. Approval and Disbursement: a. Applications will be reviewed by the My Mortgage team. b. Successful applicants will be notified, and funds will be disbursed within 2 weeks.

5. Reporting: a. Recipients must submit a brief report on the project's outcomes and financial usage within 4 weeks of completion.

6. Publicity: a. By applying, you agree to allow the My Mortgage Community Fund to feature your project in newsletters and on social media. b. We may request additional information, photos, or videos related to the funded project for promotional purposes.

7. Use of Funds: a. Funds must be used exclusively for the project outlined in the application. b. Any unused funds or changes in project scope must be communicated and approved in writing.

8. Accountability: a. Recipients are responsible for the proper management and execution of their projects. b. The My Mortgage Community Fund reserves the right to withdraw funding if there is a deviation from the approved project or if the project is deemed unsatisfactory.

9. Review and Amendments: a. These terms and conditions may be reviewed and amended by the My Mortgage Community Fund at any time. b. Changes will be communicated through our official channels.

10. Contact: If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us at [].

By applying for the Mortgage Community Fund, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.


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