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The My Mortgage Podcast

Join Claire and Greg in talking about all things First Home Buying in Season 1 & Investing in Property in Season 2.

From deposits, Kiwisaver, Family assistance & using equity, to making offers, lawyers, loan structures & what entities to consider

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Season 2 Episodes - Investment Properties

Season 1 Episodes - First Home Buying

Townhouses and Turnkey builds as your first home

This episode we talk about townhouses and turnkey builds - what they are, how they’re different from other builds, and how to fund them! We discuss: The difference between townhouses, duplexes,Read more

From unconditional day till settlement - What happens?

This episode if all about the process from unconditional day to settlement day, some of the terms we use and decisions you’ll have to make to ensure your home loan works for you. We discuss: TheRead more

Once my loan is pre approved, what do I need to know?

In this episode, we talk about all the bits and pieces you need to know once you have a home loan approval. We get into: What a mortgage actually is - what a lawyer/solicitor does, security, theRead more

How to get a first home loan approval?

In this episode, we talk about how to get a home loan approval. We cover: Servicing Test Servicing Rates What the bank needs so much information! The difference between banks Find Podcast hereRead more

First Home Buying team - Who do you need to help buy your first home?

In this episode, we outline the different people that make up your home-buying team! We break down who you need, and what they do: Mortgage Advisors A Solicitor or lawyer An Accountant Real EstateRead more

The First Home Loan, LEM's and LEP's, Valuations, Servicing requirements & the factors that influence agreements

In this episode, we cover what you need to know if you’ve got less than a 20% deposit for your home loan. Including: The criteria for the First Home Loan. Some of the general principles andRead more

Parental guarantees, The Springboard Loan, Joint ownership, gifting & loans for deposit

This episode is all about how family can help you with your first home purchase. We discuss: Parental guarantees - The likelihood of success with a parental guarantee, potential restrictions on theRead more

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