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Why invest in property?

My Mortgage Podcast - Season 2, Episode 1

We're back for Season 2!

In this episode of the My Mortgage Podcast, Claire and Greg talk about the power of leveraging investments, and why you should invest in property.

We're talking about;

  • How combining personal funds with borrowed capital can significantly amplify returns, showcasing the potential this has to enhance the overall value of a property.

  • They discuss alternatives such as managed funds, stock market investments, business shares, and a variety of non-property-related investment avenues.

  • We break down how equity from an existing home can be used as a deposit, navigating through practical scenarios and Reserve Bank requirements to illustrate how usable equity translates into potential deposits for different property types.

  • The importance of aligning property choices with desired levels of involvement in property management, stressing the need to match these decisions with lifestyle and expertise.

Don't miss the next episode of "the My Mortgage Podcast," where we're talking about the practicalities of servicing an investment property.

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