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Government Announcement - First Home Grant changes May 2024

Have you heard the latest news for First Home Buyers? 

The Government has decided to discontinue the First Home Grant, which was the support they gave to buyers who had contributed to Kiwisaver for at least 3 years, and who met certain criteria around their income and the value of the house they purchased. 

Key things you need to know about the announcement...

The sky is not falling - there are still plenty of options, and the First Home Loan, which allows a lower deposit and is Government guaranteed, is still in place.

Kainga Ora aren't accepting new applications for pre-approvals for the First Home Grant.

Any applications that have been received will still be processed - so you should hear from Kainga Ora soon regarding the outcome of a current application.

If you already have an approval, it will stay in place for 6 months from the date of when it was approved, and this will apply to any "live" property offers if you are working through finance or have made an offer on a property and already have the first home grant approved.

The GOOD news (for you) is that we've decided to give away the rest of our current "Smashed Avo to Smashed Goals" stock, seeing as some of the info is now obsolete!

It's got plenty of amazing info in it around the process, just rip out pages 11-13 before you read it...

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