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Getting bank statements for a home loan application

Application Documentation

In this digital age we are trying to make things as simple as possible for you to get us all your application information electronically (a key reason we launched Online Mortgage!). The banks require quite a lot of documentation nowadays and one of the main things we find complex for clients is getting their bank statements from their online banking. 

Most of us don't get paper statements anymore (#savethetrees) and so we rely on being able to log into our internet banking and get these statements, but sometimes it's not that easy!

We've got you covered!

We decided to make some quick cheat sheet "How to's" for each bank to help you get the PDF statements for us, quickly and easily. 

But I still get paper statements?

Great, you can scan them and get them to us as well. That's great. If you don't have a scanner available (most work photocopiers can scan), you can get apps for your phone (Camscanner is great for iPhone) that you can take a photo of your document with your phone, and it turns it into a scanned PDF. Magic. 

We're hear to help!

If you're still having trouble, please let us know as we do have some other ways around getting them. Contact your advisor or any of the My Mortgage team and we'd be happy to help get your statements sorted. 


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